1. Introduction

Emmetropes 20 20 In Sight, S.L. (“Emmetropes”) is a Spanish trading company with registered office at c/ Casanova, 158 - P. 1 Pta. 2, Barcelona, 08036, Barcelona (Spain), holder of identification number B67586735 and registered at the Barcelona Commercial Registry in volume 47230, sheet 181, page B-545425, entry number 1637 - 1326 - 1ª. E-mail: info@emmetropes.com

Emmetropes holds all the intellectual property rights and any other rights to the Internet website www.emmetropes.com (the 'Website'), which Emmetropes makes available to Internet users.

The Website contains materials prepared by Emmetropes only for informative purposes.

Your use of the Website makes you a user of the Website (“User”) and implies your acceptance of all the conditions included in this Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”). The Website service is provided for a duration that is limited to the moment when the user is connected to the Website or to any of the services provided through the Website.

User must therefore read this Terms of Use carefully each time User intends to use the Website, since the Website and the conditions for its use as set forth in this Terms of Use may change. Accessing the Website indicates that you have read and accepted without reservation these Terms of Use. Any User that disagrees with all or part of these Terms of Use should not use the Website.

2. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All Website content, which is understood to include but not be limited to text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, and any other audiovisual or audio content, as well as their graphic design and source codes (the “Content”), is the intellectual property of Emmetropes or of third parties, and no Content exploitation rights recognized by the intellectual property legislation in force can be deemed to have been licensed to User except for such Content as is strictly necessary for the use of the Website.

​The trademarks, trade names, or distinctive signs are the property of Emmetropes or third parties, and access to the Website cannot be deemed to attribute any right to such trademarks, trade names, and/or distinctive signs.

3. Conditions of Use for the Website

3. 1. General Information

User agrees to use the Website correctly in conformity with the law and with this Terms of Use. User will be liable to Emmetropes for any loss or damage that may be caused as a result of a breach of this obligation.

The use of the Website for purposes that damage the property or interests of Emmetropes, or otherwise overload, damage, or disable networks, servers, and other hardware or software belonging to Emmetropes, is expressly prohibited.

3.2. Content of the Website

The user undertakes to use the Content in conformity with the law and with this Terms of Use, and with any other conditions, regulations, or instructions that may be applicable in conformity with the provisions of Clause 1.

The user must, in accordance with the legislation in force and without limitation, refrain from:

  • Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, publicly disclosing, altering, or modifying the Content, except in cases authorized by law or, as the case may be, expressly consented to by Emmetropes.
  • Reproducing or copying for private use any Content that may be regarded as software or as a database in conformity with the intellectual property legislation in force, or publicly disclosing or making available Content to third parties, where such acts necessarily imply reproduction by User or by a third party. Extracting and/or reusing all or a substantial part of the Content on the Website, or of any databases that Emmetropes may make available to Users.

3.3. Insertion of Links to the Website

Any Internet user who wishes to insert links from his website to the Website must comply with the conditions detailed below, and ignorance of such conditions will not relieve the Internet user of any liability under the law:

  • The link will only be to the Website home page and may not reproduce it in any way (inline links, copying of text, graphics, etc).
  • In accordance with the applicable legislation in force from time to time, it is forbidden in all cases to insert frames of any kind around the Website, or permit the Content to be viewed through URLs other than the Website’s URL and, in any case, where the Content can be viewed together with content outside the Website, in a way that: (I) causes, or may cause, error or confusion in, or misleads or may mislead, users as to the true origin of the service or Contents; (II) constitutes an act of comparison or imitation; (III) serves to take advantage of the reputation of Emmetropes’ brand and prestige; or (IV) is otherwise prohibited by the legislation in force.
  • No false, inaccurate, or incorrect representation whatsoever of Emmetropes, its partners, employees or clients, or of the quality of the services that it provides, may be made on the page inserting the link.
  • Under no circumstances will it be stated on the website where the link is located that Emmetropes has consented to the insertion of the link, or otherwise sponsors, collaborates with, verifies, or supervises the services of the website where the link appears.
  • It is forbidden to use any word mark, figurative mark or combined mark, or any other distinctive sign of Emmetropes on the website where the link appears, except in cases permitted by law or expressly authorized by Emmetropes and provided that a direct link to the Website is permitted in such cases in the manner established in this Clause.
  • The website on which the link is created must faithfully comply with the law and may not, in any circumstances, have or be linked to proprietary or third-party content that: (I) is unlawful, noxious, immoral or indecent (content that is pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); (II) induces or may induce User into the false belief that Emmetropes subscribes to, endorses, adheres to, or in any way supports the ideas, representations or expressions, lawful or unlawful, appearing on the website where the link is located; (III) is inappropriate or irrelevant to the activities of Emmetropes having regard to the place, content, and theme of the website where the link appears.

4. Disclaimer of Liability

4.1. For Information

Since the Content of the Website is of a general nature, such information is insufficient for the user to make personal or business decisions.

4.2. For Service Quality

Access to the Website does not imply any obligation on Emmetropes to control the absence of viruses, worms, or any other malicious software. The user is responsible in all cases for having available adequate tools for detecting and disinfecting malicious software.

Emmetropes is not liable for any damage to the hardware of Users or of third parties during the provision of the Website service.

4.3. For Service Availability

Access to the Website requires services and supplies from third parties, including transmission through telecommunications networks, the reliability, quality, continuity, and functioning of which are not the responsibility of Emmetropes. Accordingly, services provided through the Website may be suspended, canceled, or blocked, prior to or simultaneous to the provision of the Website service.

Emmetropes cannot be held liable for loss or damage of any kind to the user as a result of telecommunications network failures or disconnections that cause the suspension, cancellation, or interruption of the Website service before or while it is being provided.

5. Changes to the Terms of Use

Emmetropes reserves the right to change or update these Terms of Use at any time, as well as any information that appears on the Website.

6. Communications, Notice of Incidents, and Potential Infringements

For purposes of these Terms of Use, any communication required between the User and Emmetropes must be sent to info@emmetropes.com.

Emmetropes respects third-party rights and the applicable law. Users of the Website are also obliged to do so. If any technical incidences occur in the Website, or if any errors, inaccuracies, or unlawful content are found in any sections, contact us at info@emmetropes.com.

7. Severality and Integration

The unlawfulness, invalidity or non-effectiveness of any of the clauses of these Terms of Use will not affect the validity of the other provisions, provided the rights and obligations of the parties deriving from the Terms of Use are not affected in an essential manner. “Essential” refers to any situation that seriously damages either party’s interests, or affects the purpose of the Terms of Use. These clauses must be replaced with or integrated into others that comply with the law and fulfill the purpose of the replaced clauses. The parties waive any claim for harm and loss that may be filed in this scenario.

8. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

Access to the Website entails the User’s acceptance of the provisions in these Terms of Use. If you disagree with these Terms of Use, please do not view or use the Website. Any dispute arising from them will be governed by Spanish law, and the parties waive their rights to any jurisdiction they might be entitled to, and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain).