Belkin Vision to Receive €17.5M Grant from European Innovation Council

Belkin Vision announced that it has received €17.5M of blended financing in grants and equity from the European Innovation Council Accelerator (EIC). Belkin Vision’s glaucoma laser is currently in the final stages of clinical trials across the UK and Europe, and if approved, would be the first and only contactless laser treatment for glaucoma, according to a company news release.

OKYO Says its Anti-inflammatory Dry Eye Candidate Also Reduces Ocular Pain

OKYO Pharma, of London, announced Dec. 13 that its first drug candidate, OK-101, developed to treat dry eye disease as an anti-inflammatory, also showed potent ocular pain reducing properties in a mouse model. OK-101 is a novel, long-acting G protein-coupled receptor-based lipidated chemerin peptide developed to bind to ChemR23 receptors in the eye and interrupt the inflammatory response.

Nicox Raises $16.9 Million in Private Placement

French company Nicox announced Dec. 9 that it had raised €15 million (US $16.9 million) through a private placement of 6 million new ordinary shares. Warrants issued in the private placement could provide an additional €16.4 million (US $18.5 million) in gross proceeds if they were to be fully exercised, Nicox said.

Kiora Reports KIO-101 is Safe and Tolerable for Dry Eye Disease

Kiora Pharmaceuticals announced topline data from its vehicle-controlled, randomized safety study of KIO-101 eyedrops. The study evaluated 24 healthy subjects and 21 patients diagnosed with ocular surface inflammation, a driver of dry eye disease. The results demonstrated favorable safety and tolerability of KIO-101 as well as statistically significant improvements in conjunctival hyperemia, a key inclusion criterion for the 21 patients …

Rayner acquires Omidria to expand surgical offering in USA and Europe

Rayner Surgical Group (‘Rayner’) and Omeros Corporation (‘Omeros’) are delighted to announce the transfer of Omeros’ ophthalmology assets, including OmidriaTM, to Rayner. This will enable the creation of a significant commercial, regulatory and marketing infrastructure in the US, with a broad range of products, including intraocular lenses (IOLs), for cataract surgeons. OmidriaTM has excellent and substantial clinical data supporting the maintenance …

Evoq Technologies LLC Announces Launch of First Smartphone-Based Product for Retinal Health Testing

Evoq Technologies is excited to announce the FDA registration of the first in its family of products based on its proprietary smartphone-based biosensor technology. Dubbed the ‘SmartERG’ Platform, it’s built to test the eye’s retinal health in unique ways. About the science: By flashing a controlled light at the eye, we can evoke an electrical-physiological response from the retina that …