Santen to Introduce First Plant-Derived Eye Drop Bottle in EMEA to Help Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuel-Based Plastic

Santen unveiled plans to launch the first bio-based plastic eye drop bottle in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. The plastic element of the bottles is made from a sugar cane-derived material called “I’m green Polyethylene.” This uses natural resources while maintaining the structural integrity of traditional plastic thus ensuring the medication is stable and reaches the patient in perfect condition, according to Santen.

The bottles were introduced in Japan in June, 2021, followed by EMEA in early 2023.

Santen’s efforts toward a more sustainable future are outlined in its new Santen Vision for the Earth 2050 and represent a core component of its new long-term vision—Santen 2030. Santen aspires to be a “social innovator” in ophthalmology by offering products and services that make a difference to society, including to positively impact the environment, while supporting the ophthalmology community it serves. The new eye drop bottles are being introduced for three of Santen’s products initially, with hopes to expand further.